Monday, May 31, 2010

Newshance Makars Will Be Vekatad This Blog

Poster in a Bhopali cafe

Click to enlarge lest I Spit On Your Grave

AB, to your pulp-art taste I'm sure :P


kamna said...

roflmao... now i hav something to luk at everytime i miss chennai.. legendary shit.. did u notice buy one gulp get one free happy hours??? :-D

kamna said...

james deanwa in the background :-))
rajni must be so proud?!?

Poshgit said...

Ok. First I analysed the pic in high-def to see if it was a collage of awesomeness from across our beloved country. But no, it appears the photo is of a SINGLE f-ing brilliant signboard! Saary to have doubted your credentials :)

Second, I sat and wrote down the ones I loved (I loved them all, but hey, one can have one's favourites!) so I will remember them foryever and yever amen.

Vergin Hunters.

Chicken Lally Pup.


Please do not urien hear and <<>> thear.

Welcome to my sweet auto.


And the dawg grabbing ze man's butt.

:) :) :)

DAMN. Damn damn damn. I'm moved. Well done son :)

vira said...

Contradiction - "Love is Quicke Poision" or "Love is Slow Poison". Now i'm confused :D Which one is it?

notgogol said...

@kamu: Its bhopal re. I'm sure they don't even know who James Dean is :P

@posh: Doubting Gitmas. Didn't you like "Two weelar penchar rifer" :P

@vira: experience ke hisaab se dono sahi baithte hain :P

errormsg! said...

WOW i loveitloveitloveit LOWE it!!
now i might just pay for that beer ;)

(is it weird and cruel for me to see some connection between the gas tragedy there and the 'frankfarters' here? i mean well you know)

Zeba said...

Hahahaha! You should click more pictures and write much more posts when you're pissed. This was totally awesome!

It reminds me of a Tamil film song shoot I witnessed when I was in Chennai last week. Should have video-recorded that, it was hilarious! Oh, well...

AtomicGitten said...

Shine boards rule! Next you should try cataloging the mistakes in miscellaneous menus. Eg:I had the good fortune of coming across 'chicken chesuvan' and 'gobi manjuri' in recent times

notgogol said...

@errormsg!: now I have it in writing :P

(and I thought Bhopal was taking a toll on my sense of humor :P)

@zeba: How could you not record that? Don't you have a camera on you nearly always?

@atomic: Have you had 'mutton' wings? I did not have the gall to try them. :|

Zeba said...

Ah shit! That comment was meant for the other post...with the dance sequence video. And yeah I have a camera with me ALWAYS. next time I will, pakka!

AtomicGitten said...

Hmm... may the goats were reared on Red Bull? :P

notgogol said...

@atomic: I'm really slow - I just got the joke, 2 months later :P