Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm not a Veggietalian

What follows is a pseudo-attempt to revive this dead thing of a blog while I wait for yet another DELAYED sign to stop flickering in my face. The attempt is pseudo because all this piece contains is words and absolutely no intelligible sentences. Its just a chronological list of things that I have put my stomach through (or rather things that have been put through my stomach) in the not so distant past -

Duck Liver - Duck Tongue - Duck Feet - Pork Viscera - Goose Meat - JellyFish Dumplings - Sheep Brain - Frozen Sheep - Fried Tofu in Beef Sauce - Thirty Five year old Cantonese Wine - Ten year old Fermented Eggs - Pregnant Salmon - Cuttlefish - Snakeskin Soup - Chicken Knees - Black Mushrooms - Blue Mushrrooms - Oyster - Eel - Artificially dehydrated (apparently, not dried) Shrimp

Life is beautiful, and the ones that lived were delicious.