Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ganga, aghori and the holi cow

Random rumination.
Five days sans mobiles, laptops and routine. An evening with Aghoris, camping with pseudo-hippies (the i-phones gave them away) and rafting with absolute strangers. Uzbeki dopeheads know far more about India than I do or ever will. Haridwar serves the best thandai in the world. One must not judge. I must not stereotype. There are very few pleasures that can beat barbequing on the banks of the ganga on a full-moon night. I'm a tiny speck in this universe; a tad philosophical, a tad high, very tired. If you ever need to step out from the drudgery that life is, head to Rishikesh. I have never really been at a loss for words before. The world looks the same suspended upside-down. A thirty foot cliff jump into flowing water at five in the morning, amongst other things, leaves one cold. I still am the same speck.