Friday, June 11, 2010

Save the tiger na baba

Save him.
Save him so that once in a while, twenty something boys get to be twenty something boys.

Excuse the trembling hand. I was not being big wuss in front of big puss. It was just a tad breezy okay. I know the tiger, tiger was burning bright and all. But believe you me, it was breezy ... err... windy okay. Very windy!


anoushka said...

We know you have a life.
Stop rubbing it in our faces.

neelam said...

Its okay to admit that you were really scared :P

kamna said...

:O :O :O
not fair na baba... getting to see sher-wer in MP and all...

Andaleeb said...

whoa! if you don't reply to my mails no one is going to save you mistah!

Judy Balan said...

Lol@ Andy. You do take your job seriously! :D Let's see if it works on Scaredy Cat.

@NG: I love how you make your neuro disorder/cheap-drug-OD-induced trembling hands appear as a genuine fear of the big cat. Perfect alibi. Brilliant! Especially given the fact that your neuro wonkiness doesn't even allow you to differentiate between big meow and small meow :o)

Coming to think of it, you should get a similar hand-trembling video with small meow. Superb Youtube material. I promise to click many times.

Ok I'll go now. I'm just bored:|

entwined said...

shaky is an understatement. I had blurred vision until a few mins after having seen this video!'s hilarious, gives me visions of big cat chasing you and you running handycam in hand.

notgogol said...

@anu: Pot calls kettle black!

@neelam: I was not scared okay! Okay, a little. But a very small little.

@kamu: Life is not fair. Which is why I am still in MP on a break and some people go to Menorca. Bitch!

@un-the-leeb: Your mails are more frightening than tiger, no?

@judy: dei poonai! How dare you make fun of me zapruder-ish dexterity? :O

@entwined: are you sure the blurred vision was not because of high bar-stool induced vertigo?

entwined said...

right...your bad camera skills or me vertigo?...wats more likely?

Anonymous said...
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